"Who Else Wants to Get a More Effective Elliptical Workout in Less Time?"
Finally, with the Fitter U™ Elliptical Workouts you'll experience what an effective cardio session is all about.  No more wasting time gliding along while reading a magazine, it's time for you to have an enjoyable cardio workout designed to burn fat, skyrocket your aerobic endurance, keep you motivated, and actually show you how to properly use the elliptical machine!
All you need is an iPod/MP3 player and you're set to have the best cardio session ever!
Audio guided cardio workouts specifically designed for the Elliptical
So, how can our iPod/MP3 audio guided Elliptical Workouts help you?
Well, check out some of these astounding benefits...
You will no longer feel bored during your cardio sessions!
You will burn at least twice as many calories in half the time!
You'll get to spend less time exercising while enjoying cardio workouts specifically designed to burn fat.  In fact, you'll be amazed at how they'll actually increase your lean muscle while getting rid of those saggy areas.
You'll have Canada's Top Trainer on your headphones guiding and motivating you each time you workout = greater results!
Not only will you have motivating coaching from Yuri Elkaim, Canada's top trainer, but your workouts also feature heart pumping cardio music to keep you going when the going gets tough. 
Your aerobic endurance will go through the roof by using these time efficient interval training cardio workouts!
You'll leave these workouts feeling amazing and exhilarated.  You'll have more energy than ever before - GUARANTEED!
                            ...AND MUCH MORE!
Check out the Elliptical Workout series

 Elliptical Workout 1

Level: Beginner - Aerobic Endurance Challenge
Duration: 36:00
Program Description: Master trainer Yuri Elkaim takes you through a comprehensive warm-up followed by 3 different and exhilarating interval sections.  This workout focuses on keeping a constant resistance level while increasing the speed (RPM) for a truly unique and enjoyable elliptical experience.  Pumping music with smoothly timed coaching will take your cardio workouts to the next level.  Add some spice to your elliptical cardio workouts!
Click play to listen to a "snippet" from the workout
Price: $12.95   


Elliptical Workout 2
Level: Intermediate - Cardio Strength Endurance Challenge
Duration: 35:29
Program Description: Master trainer Yuri Elkaim takes you through a comprehensive warm-up followed by 3 different and exhilarating interval sections.  This workout focuses on keeping a constant speed (RPM) while increasing the resistance.  This is a great cardio workout for developing greater strength endurance while burning more calories than you thought possible in only 35 minutes!  Get into your "zone" with motivating coaching and pumping cardio music!
Click play to listen to a "snippet" from the workout
Price: $12.95  
You might be asking yourself...
So, how do I get started?
It's quite simply really.  Once you purchase the Elliptical Workout(s) you will receive an email with the link(s) to download your workout(s).  Click on the link(s) and the workout(s) will then be downloadeed and saved on your computer - now you can easily upload them onto your iPod or MP3 player and you're ready to get started!
All you need to enjoy the program is an iPod/MP3 player, an elliptical machine, and the desire to have a great cardio workout. That's it!
What if I've never worked out before OR what if I'm more advanced?
The Elliptical Workouts have been designed for all fitness levels.  Regardless of your fitness level you can enjoy these cardio workouts since they have been uniquely designed using your initial fitness level as a starting point. 
Therefore, as you become fitter, the workouts inherently become more challenging as you're able to work at higher speeds and intensities relative to your ever-increasing aerobic fitness.
Therefore, 2 people at complete opposite ends of the fitness spectrum will find the Elliptical Workouts equally challenging and beneficial.  Why?  Because, your experience will be relative to your initial starting point.  After all, if I ask you to give a 75% percent effort won't yours be different from someone else's?  That's why it works so well!
For instance, in Elliptical Workout 1 you will be asked to increase your Elliptical speed (RPM) by 10% over your resting speed (which is based on your current fitness level).  Thus, a 10% increase may mean different speeds for different fitness levels.  The beauty is that you can never become too fit for the workouts since they are "timeless" by constantly adapting to your changing fitness level.

How are the workouts structured? 
For the best answer to this question please see the workout structure for each Elliptical Workout, respectively (above). 
Nonetheless, the workouts are amazingly effective since they are largely based on interval cardio training.  This means that instead of exercising at the same continuous pace for long periods of time (boring!), you'll actually enjoy bouts of higher intensities mixed with bouts of lower intensities.
The result - more calories burned, a greater cardiovascular training effect, and more enjoyment - all while spending less time exercising.

What type of elliptical machine can I use?
There are many different forms of ellipitcal machines on the market.  Not to worry - the Elliptical Workouts have been designed for use on any type of elliptical.  Whether your machine has movable arm attachments or not, these workouts will work perfectly as long as you can adjust the resistance and speed. 

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 and use them while exercising and find that they do not live up to your expectations, send me an e-mail requesting a refund & explain why it didn't work for you. We will process a refund within 2-3 business days - and you can keep the program(s)!
"It's time to make your cardio workouts more enjoyable
and more effective!"
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